Table Games Or Slots? Which Of The Two Should You Choose?

It cannot be easy to choose between today’s massive selection of slot games and table games. Make the right decision and start playing a slot game or pick a table game at a casino.

The answer to this question is ridiculously easy. The tables should be a no-brainer when selecting slot online or table games in a casino. Slots have a heavier house edge than tables, and the winning rate fades away to the ratio of losing. Slots require absolutely no skill, but on the table, it is all about the players’ skill alongside luck. Let us analyze why the table is safer in losing less and some good chances of winning.

  • The odds on slot machines are horrible

Slot machines give us the worst odds in a casino, and I suppose the lottery has even worse odds, but slot machines are pretty close. Let me make a quick difference here: we’re not talking about video poker when talking about slot machines. Some video poker games can have a negative house edge when played correctly. We’re going to talk about the machines with all the led lighting and shades and videos of sharks and palm trees designed to entice you and get you to spend a lot of money you’ll soon lose.

If you categorize “better” as means of making money, you should stay miles away from the slot machines. The house has a huge edge on the slot machines, and you will end up losing much more money than you win. On the other hand, tables offer you a chance to earn more money. You have to be knowledgeable about the games, and if you have the required skill-set, your chances of winning go up. This is certainly not the case with slot machines. Slot machines are based purely on luck, and it has been created to lose more than win.

In a casino, slot games take up most of the floor space. Similarly, there will be many more slot games than table games when you go to an online platform. Slots have been around for ages, and some countries have tried them as fruit machines; yes, you did hear that right.

Success in casino games involves a mixture of good luck and steady skills, and table games apply more skill than luck if you are a good player, for example, in blackjack, baccarat, or poker.

  • Slot machines will have your money faster than table games

Casinos are more than delighted to have those games that move fast. The reason is, the more games are played in an hour, the more money they mint per hour. This money-minting happens because of the house edge, and you can play far quicker than any table game on slot machines.

  • Card games have better odds than slot machines

There are games like baccarat, where one of the bets lends the house an effective edge. Again, games like roulette and craps can have great bets and terrible bets for the player. Slot machines do not have any such things, and there are no strategies involved. You go on playing and playing. The removal of skill from gambling makes them so profitable for the house and not the players.


We have written why table gambling is safer than slot machine gambling, and it is your individual choice, of course. So, wish you all happy gambling.

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