Easiest Football Bets That Every Beginner Should Play At The Starting Of Their Journey

With enlightening some of the most straightforward bets in football betting, this article describes bets like Double Chance, Both Teams to Score, and more. 

Betting on football matches is easy! Only put your money on the team or individual you support or against someone you want to see losing, and wait for the final whistle with your fingers crossed!  If your understanding of football betting is somewhat similar to this, bear in mind that betting on football matches is nothing similar to this. With a plethora of renowned events from all across the globe and the presence of plenty of betting markets, wagering real money bets on football is something that needs to be learned first if you want to end up being victorious.

However, being the all-time favorites of sports bettors, the sports will give you several betting options that are easy to learn, implement, and win. But, sometimes, odds attached to them remain somewhat low. Meaning, although they can be won comparably easily, the winnings you will derive would be a bit lower. But beyond everything, a win in online football betting is always a win! Isn’t it? Let’s find out some of the most straightforward bets the world of online sports betting can offer you.

  1. Double Chance

When a player places a Double Chance bet, he will wager his money on two or three possible outcomes of the match together. You can wager that the home team will win, or the match will be drawn. The away team wins, or a draw happens, or anyone from home or away team wins. By allowing you to bet on multiple possibilities together, these bets are much simpler than usual draw, home, or away bets. Hence, the odds can be 1.10 or even lower than it.

  • Both Teams to Score

As the name suggests, placing these bets, you need to wager your money on the possibility of both the team scoring. Naturally, you will not go with these bets if one team is excessively superlative than the others. But when two aggressive teams powered by squads of skilled footballers are facing each other, chances of winning with such bets are much higher.

  • Over or Under

This form of football bet is so renowned that chances are you have already heard about it. If you choose to continue with over or under bets, you would be speculating whether the total goals scored in a particular match will be over or under a specific number. With over or under bets, players obtain tiered options, which enable them to bend their bets, boosting up winning chances.

  • Draw No Bet

With a Draw No Bet, you will be speculating which team will come out victorious after the match, along with securing yourself from losing the round even if the outcome becomes a draw. Meaning, if the team you have wagered upon becomes the winner, you will win the bet. But, even if a draw happens, you won’t lose or win any money, as the entire amount you wagered will be entirely returned to you. 

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