How Can You Wager in Toto Games in Singapore

Highlighting a few important Toto terms along with two different Toto betting methods.

In Asian countries galore of people wager in Toto betting every day. People love to bet on Toto because of its easy rules and high win proffering potential. Besides, because of the emergence of reliable online platforms, people get to select their preferred number sets and wager on them from anywhere they are. Meaning, online platforms have wrapped the best Toto enticements with the expedience of current technological advancement. However, a few players still want to wager in Toto but hesitating because of a lack of knowledge. If you are one of them, it is your lucky day, as here we will encompass Toto betting, touching a few essential aspects of it.

How Can You Place Real Money Bets on Toto?

Before starting, let’s go through a few basic terms of Toto betting.

  • Group Toto: Group Toto means when the real money bet has been split among different people.
  • QP: QP is the short form of Quick Pick. Quick Pick is the format where you will be playing with randomly chosen system-generated number sets.
  • Void: Void happens when all the gaming submission has been canceled.

In the game of Toto, six winning numbers come out after every draw. Being a player, your only goal would be to guess the number of outcomes that will appear in the next draw.  If you have correctly guessed the drawn numbers, you will win. But, wagering your money on reliable and renowned Toto games is imperative for your winning chances. You can click on toto sgp to find out quality Toto gaming options in all means. In the following section, we have mentioned two different methods of placing real money Toto bets.

  • Ordinary Entry

Ordinary Entry is the most comfortable and straightforward method of betting on Toto. It is suitable for beginners but void of additional features to increase your winning chance.

Steps for placing Ordinary Entry bet:

  1. Select a set of six numbers from numbers 1 to 49.
  2. Keep the Sys 7 – Sys Roll option empty.
  3. Toto draws happen twice a week. Select Draw 2 for availing chances of playing in two consecutive draws. Selecting Draw 4 will make your bet eligible for 4 Toto draws. If you are interested only to play the upcoming round, leave those boxes blanks.
  • System Roll

In System Roll, you will get six numbers, and you have to select any five from them. Here, you will get an additional feature named Rolling Number. R represents this feature, and it stands for all 44 remaining numbers, similar to a blank tile in a Scrabble game. As with System Roll, you will be wagering for 44 different bets; betting with this method starts from $44.

Wrapping Up

Try to read all information you can find regarding Toto games. And invest a small amount of money on bets after knowing the gaming rules precisely. Online Toto is an exciting game if you stick to the logical ground and bet through reliable platforms. So, find out one, and start playing!

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