Why self-talking and other mental weird things are healthy for poker

Find out how strange qualities and mental disorders a person has might help him in becoming a better player whether in qiuqiu99 or in poker. According to a study it’s very possible for a lot of weird things that happen in our minds to be signs for great career in casino games.

They say that every genius has its own strange mental condition or sometimes, even concrete diagnose. And if considering that poker gurus are kinds of geniuses, then why not considering that they also have their weird mental features? Just to mention it in advance – in this article we are not talking about serious mental illnesses. We are just talking about things that society still considers as weird nature.

Let’s take the self-talking habit, for instance. At one hand, there are still people who claim that those who talk to themselves are schizophrenic or mad. At the other hand, some poker specialist believe that self-talking can be a good thing about poker game. Here’s why:

  1. It’s a good way to concentrate and get all of the emotions away of your mind.
  2. Self-talking is an amazing approach to stick to your fundamental strategy.
  3. It’s a habit that according to a lot of psychology experts is a sign of big talent and self-confidence. And if comparing these features to the basic poker personality’s top important features, we definitely see coincidences.

On the other side, there are a couple of other weird features or habits a person might have, but can be useful for him in gambling and specifically in poker. We have tried to gather them at one place especially for you. Do not hesitate to read them all:

  1. People who change their hobbies too fast and get satisfied with a certain interests too fast are actually those who have more chances to succeed in gambling. These are the players who will try more poker formats. Basically, they will prefer to play video poker games and Omaha or qiuqiu99 and Texas Hold Em rather than getting stuck into a regular gameplay with a single game only.
  2. Hypochondria-diagnosed people are known to get very attentive to the details. It means that if they poker, it’s very possible for them to be quite good in suggesting what the other opponents might have in their hands. Speaking of which, if you are worrying that you are going to get sick from Covid-19, better invest all of this time and efforts in playing poker rather than reading conspiracy theory about coronavirus.
  3. About every 2 from 5 people with mania for cleaning and perfect hygiene are proven to have amazing intuition. The sixth sense they rely on very often is welcomed in poker games, too. However, it’s very important for these players to be reasonable when combining the intuition with the solid mind. Otherwise, these people will turn into regular gamblers who only count on luck in card games, including qiuqiu99 and poker.

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